Practice Philosophy

I see every engagement as a personal relationship.  I enjoy getting to know people and helping them solve problems, plan for their futures, and achieve peace of mind.  After my clients sign their documents, I remain available to answer questions, share legal updates, and amend plans as circumstances change.  My clients know they have a trusted advisor to call when various situations arise.  I value that trust immensely.

I place great emphasis on education.  I enjoy taking complex concepts and explaining them in an understandable way.  Since I use flat fee billing for estate plans, my clients are comfortable asking questions without worrying about an escalating bill.  By the time my clients sign their documents, they have a mastery of their plan.  They understand what we did; why we did it; and what the key provisions of their documents mean.  We always take the necessary time to get things right.

I give every client the same attention and care.  There is no such thing as a “small” matter.  My mission is the same in every relationship:  Give my clients peace of mind and help them achieve their goals in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.